Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Ok. So, sorry it's been forever. I haven't got on in a while. I just haven't really felt like it. I don't really even know why either. Anyways, I'm going to the midnight showing of Eclipse tonight. :) Anybody else going? What do you guys think about the Twilight series? Like it? Don't like it? Love it? Hate it? I love it. I'm not like obsessed with it. I am with Jonas Brothers, but ya know. :) ♥ Anyways, I would have to say my fave part about the Twilight series is Taylor Lautner. :) ♥ Mmm. I just love him!!!!:) ♥ Haha. What are your guys' fave parts about it? Anybody heard of the new band Allstar Weekend? Well, that's my new 2nd favorite band. :) I just got their CD last night, and I totally love it!!!!:) My fave song of their's would probably have to be Journey To The End Of My Life. Anybody else have their CD? If not, you should totally buy it. It's really good. :) I'm actually listening to it right now. The Weekend is going off, and now it's starting back over with Hey Princess. They're all pretty darn cute too. I would have to say my 2 favorites are Zach and Cameron, but I think Zach's cuter. :) Anyways, what do you guys think about them? AND, my mom said that we can go to Subway tonight, and see the cutie again!!!!:) As long as he's working anyways. But I'm hoping this time I CAN MEET HIM!!!!:) Wish me luck!!!!:) Haha.

Eclipse. :)

Taylor Lautner. :) ♥

Allstar Weekend. :) ♥

Zach. :) ♥ Vocals. Not my fave pic of him, but still. :)

Cameron. Bass. Not the best pic of him, but ohh well.

Michael. Drums. I don't really like that pic of him, but it's all I could find, so.

Nathan. Guitar. Yet again, I couldn't really find anything else, so.


  1. Ooo, good luck with the Subway guy!

    I like Twilight a lot... AND I AM SO TEAM JACOB! I just think the series should've been shorter... but if it was shorter, it'd probably be my favorite!

    Umm I don't think I've heard that band, so I don't have an opinion...

  2. Ugh TEAM EDWARD! Rob is sexy!!!!!
    Ahhh I hope you meet your guy! And if he was there, you better know his name now!!!!
    Oh, and yeah that pic of the Nick J poster, I'm getting that next time I go to Wal-Mart! I've drooled all over it every time I go to WM, so yeah! (:

  3. Haha. Yeah. I'm Team Jacob too Addie. :) ♥ And thanks. I'll have to tell you guys the story on my Subway guy!!!!:) ♥ Let's just say it was AWESOME!!!!:) But no Abigail, I don't know his name, YET!!!! Haha. :) And I need to call you!!!! :)

  4. I'm Team Jasper, but out of Edward and Jacob, Edward would be my favourite. I loved him in the books, but Robert Pattinson makes me hate him in the movies. The Twilight movies, in my opinion, are so badly made! It annoys me so much.

    xx Blaize.

  5. I know. Robert Pattinson makes Edward seem mean in my opinion, and that's why I switched to Team Jacob for sure to be quite honest. Plus I absolutely LOVE Taylor Lautner. :) <3 I mean, I liked them both from the books, but I was more for Edward, but then I switched to Jacob after New Moon. :) And do you mean it annoys you how they act so wierd or how Kristen and Robert aren't good actors or what?