Tuesday, June 15, 2010

First Pics

Ok. So, this is my mom and me. Not the best pic, but still. I love it. :) ♥

This is my dad and me. :) ♥

Joseph and me. :) ♥ He wanted to make a pic better than the one before, so he made that face. Haha.

Me and Stephen. :) ♥ He's the absolute biggest jokester I know. Until I meet Joe that is. :) ♥

Abigail (Abby [A Little Bit of Randomness]), Alexis, and me at the 8th grade dance. :) ♥ My best friends. :) ♥


  1. I kind of messed that up. I didn't think it would let me upload more than 5. It actually didn't show the Jonas Brothers pic, so I didn't get to add a caption, but I'll just do that right now. :)
    Jonas Brothers. :) ♥ My favorite band!!!!:) ♥

  2. lol and you can add more ya know!!! just after these have been uploaded!!!!!!

  3. Haha. Ok. :) Thanks Abigail!! :)

  4. Hey Breanne! I just found your blog through Abby's blog, and I have to say, IT'S AWESOME! Haha, I'm following you now :)

    Keep blogging!

  5. Hey Breanne. Your blog is super cute;) Keep posting! Check me out? everydayeffect.blogspot.com

  6. Hey guys!! Thanks!! :) Can't wait to check your blogs out!!!! :)

  7. Hi Breanne, welcome to the crazy world of blogging! Just came over from Abby's blog, and yeah, it's really awesome.
    You'll soon get the hang of it, don't worry!

    {Alice in Wonderland.}

  8. Visiting from Abbys blog! In blogging I say just write what you like....Don't worry too much about what others thing...we have to do too much of that in our real lives...Before you know it you will be meeting all kinds of people with the same interests....You will do great!

  9. Aww. Ok. Thanks guys!! It means a lot to me!! I'll be checking your blogs out too!! :)