Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Thanks!!!! :)

Well, my Jonas BFF got me some followers. Thank you Abigail!!!! :) And thank you to my new followers- Selina, Francesca, Katie, and Hannah. :) I guess I could always thank all my new followers. And thanks to everybody who commented on my last post and helped me out!! :) Well, let's see. I guess I'll help you guys out and let you get to know me a little better. I already told you that my family's the most important thing to me, right? I'm not sure what I already told you, so sorry if I say something twice. My mom's name is Billie, Dad's is Zack, and my AWESOME, AMAZING brothers are Joseph, 22, and Stephen, 20. I probably talk more about my brothers than anybody else in my family, and it's not like I love them more than my parents, b/c I don't, but for some reason I just talk about them more. I love my family more than words could ever describe. I'm also the #1 Jonas Brothers fan!!!!:) I know people don't believe me b/c I probably don't have as much of their stuff as other people (even though I have absolute TON), but I know for a fact that nobody could love them and think as much of them as I do, and that assures me of it. :) I love my friends so unbelievably much. They're all great people, and I don't know what in the world I would do without them. My best friend is actually my mom. Some people might think that's odd or dorky, but I guess you just have to know how great my mom is. :) ♥ Then comes the person who I actually mean when I'm saying my best friend, Alexis Spicer. I know that's confusing, but for some reason that's just how I explain it. Haha. Then, comes Abby Hall. My Jonas BFF. :) ♥ A Little Bit of Randomness. When I figure out how to put pics on here, you'll see a lot of my family & friends. :) And Jonas Brothers but of course!!!!:) After Abigail (that's what I call Abby, and I have since like the 3rd grade :)), is my grandma. Again, probably sounds odd, but my grandma is seriously the nicest person I have ever met, and I have absolutely no idea what I'd do without that 74 year old woman. :) She actually just turned 74 on June 9th. :) I also have some other friends that I'm not as close to as those 4, but still pretty close to. There's Maggie White and Hannah Gwin. Well, let's see. More about me. I'm laid back, and very lazy, but I guess that could have to do with my bad thyroid. Haha. I love taking pictures. :) ♥ I love texting, and this blogging is pretty addictive (like Francesca already told me :)). I AM going to marry Joseph Adam Jonas, and I know people think I'm flat out crazy for thinking that and don't believe me, but I actually am serious, and I believe that you can do whatever you put your mind to. With help from God that is. :) I'm a Christian and very proud of it. :) ♥ I spend too much time on the internet and watch too much TV, but that's just me, soo. :) I love being happy and positive. I'm 15, and I love my life!!!!:) I would absolutely love it to hear about all of you!!!! :) Oh yeah. I love talking to people!! :)


  1. haha my little sister grace turned 6 on June 9th!
    Do you know how to put pics on here?

  2. She did?? Suh-weet!!!!:) And no. Could you help me out with that please? :)