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Well, I've been absolutely DYING to do this. :) I'm posting about the Jonas Brothers concert. :))))) Yes, I know, I know. You're probably saying FINALLY STUPID!!!! Haha. I'm just lazy and haven't gotten around to it. But hey, I actually have an excuse now. High school. Enough said.
So as you probably already read on Abigail's blog, we wrote personal narratives in our English class. I, but of course wrote about... THE JONAS BROTHERS CONCERT!!!!:) We're on fall break right now, and I don't have to go to bed early (even though I don't on school nights anyways ;) ), so I figured I'd go ahead and post it right now. Instead of typing out a post for this purpose only, I'm just going to post my personal narrative. :) You guys can tell me whatch ya think. :) I know I made some mistakes, but, we all make mistakes. :) Anyways, this is the ACTUAL final draft. No changes made. So here ya go. :) (I know, it's kinda long. But TOTALLY worth it!!!!:) )

Breanne Riley
September 13, 2010
Period 6

“But I’ll Be There Forever”

I saw Abby at her locker and slowly crept up behind her. I tapped on her shoulder twice and she spun around. “EEEEEEEE!!!!” we both shrieked as we jumped up and down. “I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S TODAY!!!!” we both shouted in excitement, amazement, and pure giddiness. It was finally here, and although we were pretty sure, we weren’t absolutely positive that that night WAS going to be the best night of our lives (so far).

Abby and I had been waiting months to go to this Jonas Brothers concert, and it was just hours away. When we left school, we drove straight to the concert, minus the stop at McDonalds in Versailles. Mom had me reading off directions to her, and we were in a rush to get there before the soundcheck party started. We only got to go to the soundcheck party (which was for only a limited number of people and a very special experience) because my mom luckily got us the VIP tickets with many, many perks. I was more worried about the signs on the interstate rather than the actual directions. I, of course, told Mom to get off at a wrong exit and it took us a bit to get back to our original spot. I was ticked off at myself, but luckily nobody else was.

We started seeing signs for the Riverbend Music Center. With each sign, my pumped meter went up by about a zillion. We finally turned into some Coney Island amusement park (no, seriously) which actually did lead to the concert. Mom dropped us off to get our tickets while she found a place to park. She actually got to us right as we were getting our tickets. We then had to go to another table for our soundcheck party wristbands, then a guy who gave us our special VIP gift bags before walking down to get into a jumbled mess of rude people in “‘special groups” and an especially rude Riverbend worker.

Then it was time for the soundcheck party!!!! The seating for that was just according to who got there first. We literally were in the last row of people, but that was okay because we were still shocked at how close we were. (It all paid off during the concert though.) We were so pumped that we had to take a couple of pictures. Abby took a picture of us holding our tickets, so I wanted to take one on my camera too. As I was taking the picture, a guy started to walk by in front of us and asked if we wanted him to take the picture.

“Uhh, no thanks,” Abby replied almost sounding scared.

“Sure,” I said just because I knew it would make the picture so much better. I was right.

He grabbed my camera, turned it around, and held it up in front of him and his wife to jokingly take a picture. I thought he was serious. In the middle of my making an “umm,” sound, his wife said, “Ohh, stop it!” sounding annoyed. He took the picture, and we thanked them.

“So where are you guys from?” the nice guy asked.

“Austin, Indiana.”

“We’re from West Virginia,” he said while I probably made a face from being shocked. “Yeah. We stayed in a hotel. And guess who was across the hallway from us last night?” he said with wide eyes, raised eyebrows, and a slight smile.

“DON’T SAY JONAS BROTHERS!!” I kind of pleaded.

“The Jonas Brothers,” he said even though I begged him not to. Wow, I was shocked. He explained how they had met Kevin, Nick, Danielle and Riley (Kevin’s wife and their dog), Kevin Sr. (their dad), and Big Rob (their BIG bodyguard). He said that Joe unfortunately wasn’t there since he was was flying in from somewhere, and his wife also told us that they had only had tickets, but Kevin gave them backstage passes the night before. They also got my e-mail address and only told me after they got it that they would give it to JONAS BROTHERS!!!!

Kevin Sr. and Big Rob eventually came out and talked to us a little bit. Allyson, Mdot, Jordan, and Anna Maria from Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam came out and danced for us and answered questions too. Then Demi came out and answered some questions. She went back off stage, and Kevin Sr. said out of nowhere, “Here come the boys, JONAS BROTHERS!!” The whole crowd flipped, screaming and jumping up and down. They came out, talked, answered some questions, sang “BB Good,” answered some more questions, sang “Video Girl,” did some more answering questions, sang “Year 3000,” and did something else. Oh yeah, answered questions. They also told us that they were only singing “BB Good” and “Video Girl” at the soundcheck party, so you can’t even imagine how lucky we felt. They also picked a few girls to come onstage to play musical chairs. All in all, the soundcheck party was... FANTASTIC!!!!

When we got out of the soundcheck party, we each got an amazing shirt. I also got three bracelets (each one has a different name on it [Joe, Kevin, or Nick]) and the poster for the tour. We also got into the “Parents Lounge,” which just so happened to be the place to go for the meet-and-greet too. We also got kicked out of that section. (The “Parents Lounge” didn’t exist by the way.) About a half hour before the concert started, we went back to get our seats. On the way, we passed at least eight security guards checking for tickets, and after getting them out for the third time, I figured I might as well just go ahead and keep them out (just for the heck of it). The more and more rows we passed, the more and more we convinced ourselves that we were going the wrong way. We got to the ninth row (but it was actually the fourth), and went inwards a little bit more than halfway through our section.

While waiting for the concert to start, we got to listen to a few songs over and over, dance, sing, and get to know a few more people. The Camp Rock 2 cast came out and sang a few songs including “Fire.” Then Demi came out and sang “Get Back,” “La La Land,” “Remember December,” “Catch Me”/” Don’t Forget,” “Got Dynamite,” and “Here We Go Again.” She also sang a few songs with the Camp Rock 2 cast. After she left the stage, we had to wait for about forty-five minutes for them to get things set up for the one, the only- JONAS BROTHERS!!!! The speakers were blasting songs, and when “Bounce” (a joke song on a special video they came out with last year) came on, everybody jumped out of their seats to sing, dance, and of course, bounce. Then “Bounce” went off, and the lights turned off. A giant clock showed up on the screen with the Jonas Brothers symbol in the center. The hands spun around twelve times, and then...

“HEYYYY, THIS IS THE NIGHT, THIS IS THE NIGHT!!!!” Joe started singing “Feelin’ Alive” as the screen opened up. The screams overpowered the speakers. Everybody instantly started singing every single word. I thought I was dying of excitement. They rode out on a platform, and I’ll just inform you, that they’ve never looked better. They also eventually played “Hold On,” “Year 3000,” (while they played what was almost like a remake of the music video and people bounced around on stilts) “Play My Music,” “Heart and Soul,” and Nick sang “Introducing Me” in two minutes and twenty-nine seconds. (As a challenge, he had to sing it in two minutes and thirty seconds, which he did with one second to spare.) Demi came back out and sang “This Is Me” and “Wouldn’t Change A Thing” with Joe. The whole cast came out, and they all sat around the camp fire and sang “This Is Our Song.” Then they sang “L.A. Baby,” the Beatles song, “Drive My Car,” “Paranoid,” “Hello Beautiful,” “Turn Right,” and “When You Look Me In The Eyes” (and Joe “looked into my eyes” during it!!!!). Joe and Kevin went offstage at one point while Nick sang “Who I Am” and “Your Biggest Fan.” Then it came time for the best part of the whole entire concert.

“Now we’ve been a band for about seven years. Our first album came out four years ago.” Joe reminded us as I slowly remembered dozens and dozens of memories. “We’re going to sing the first song we ever wrote together.” I instantly started screaming louder than I’ve ever screamed before and jumping up and down with more energy than I have ever had before. Abby kind of turned to me stunned since she didn’t know exactly what was going on. And then Joe said, “This one’s called ‘Please Be Mine.’” Abby turned around shouting my name while I looked at her saying, “I know!!!!” with a huge smile and the most excitement I’ve ever had before. They started singing it, and when the second verse was starting, Joe walked over to our side. I was singing each and every word of the song with every good, deep, and meaningful emotion I could put into it, but when Joe slowly walked over to me, I had to show him that I truly meant it more than anyone ever had before. When the second chorus started, Joe was right in front of us. Abby was definitely helping me out by pointing at me to get Joe’s attention. Joe looked into my eyes and sang, “But I’ll be there forever,” as I looked into his eyes and sang it back to him. Those four seconds lasted for what seemed to be a lifetime. I know it’s not possible for time to stop or slow down, but apparently Joe and I can make the impossible possible because we were singing to each other for at least that whole night in a matter of four seconds. As he slowly looked away, the most beautiful smile came across his face. I jumped up and down screaming at the top of my lungs, “OH MY GOSH, JOE JONAS JUST SANG “PLEASE BE MINE” TO ME, ABBY!!!!” over, and over, and over again. We sang the rest of the words in excitement and practically cried during one repeated line. They ended the song as I sighed in awe and amazement.

After Please Be Mine, they came back out in three adorable white matching suits to sing “Lovebug.” With the dancers dressed up like they were from the fifties, they slowly danced around the stage. They sang into the old-fashioned microphones, and knocked Abby and me off our feet. They got to the bridge and kept up the amazing work of making the music video really come to life. White confetti flowing from the sky caught our eye (but only for a second) as they switched from the sweet, acoustic sound to the rocker upbeat ending. The song ended with every girl falling in love all over again with three amazing boys. They left for a few minutes, and came back out not long after we started chanting, “JO-NAS, JO-NAS, JO-NAS!!” They came back out and had everybody (including themselves) rocking out to SOS. They finished SOS, and I instantly knew that they were starting the last song- Burnin’ Up. They started singing it, and Big Rob came out and rapped during his part. Everybody had an AWESOME time dancing and singing. They introduced the band, and I kind of got sad knowing that it was ending. After introducing Ryan, Jack, the new bongo player, Garbo, and John Taylor, they introduced themselves, Kevin, Nick, and then Joe. (They saved the best for last.)

They ran offstage, the lights turned on, and the concert was over. That was it. The best night of my life was slowly, but surely coming to an end. That night might have been one night, and those four seconds might have just been four seconds, but that night was the best night of my life and a night that I will never forget. The most important thing about that night though, was that one of my absolute biggest dreams came true. That is one thing I have always believed and will always believe. Dreams really DO come true.

While posting and reading over this post, I have managed to listen to "Please Be Mine" seven times, almost eight. Oddly enough, during the sixth time, when it got to the 2nd chorus when Joe says "But I'll be there forever," I read that exact line in my personal narrative. Ahh. Please Be Mine Joe. :) ♥

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